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Bob Lillard

Senior Web / .NET Developer

Address/Phone:  2 Welford Ranch Ct., San Ramon, CA 94583  -  (925) 367-8152
Email Address:  mail@robertlillard.com
Education/Degree(s): Bachelor of Science (Business) , California State University - Northridge 1989



I am a Senior Web/.NET Developer. I possess over 13 years of full life-cycle development experience and specialize in multi-tier Internet/Intranet business solutions. I create robust Web and Windows applications using such tools as ASP.Net, ADO.Net, Visual Basic, Visual Studio, ADO, ODBC, DTS, SQL-Server, Oracle, MSXML3.0/4.0, XSL, VB Script, Java Script, HTML, DHTML, CSS, MSMQ, MS Transaction Server, Active Server Pages, MS FrontPage, MS Access, Visio, and Crystal Reports. I also provide a wide variety of Web graphic services including custom page layouts/graphics, button and logo design, and digital photography integration using Paintshop Pro and Photoshop. I possess excellent communication skill and leadership qualities while exhibiting a dedicated, professional work ethic.


11/2003 to present     Safeway.com

Sr.Web/.Net Developer

Used ASP.Net, C#.Net, Visual Basic, Classic ASP, SQL Server 2000, XML and. XSL in support of this high volume E-Commerce web site. Implemented numerous enhancements and user-friendly features to facilitate the customer shopping experience. Provided full life-cycle support from initial requirements gathering and technical specification documentation, through object-oriented coding, debugging, and production implementation and support. Oversaw release cycle pushes to both QA and Production environments. Used .Net to create various robust, scalable Enterprise support programs including a customer coupon generation XML Web Service that allows refund and promotional coupons to be generated from anywhere in the Enterprise, a Customer Order data mart in Microsoft SQL Server 2000 for off-line reporting and trend analysis, and a fully automated in-store training data importation/configuration tool that allowed corporate wide training. Created and configured numerous support websites and related virtual site file structures. Used complex XML/XSL transformations to provide a user-friendly, intuitive user interface for navigation and order fulfillment.


3/2000 to 10/2003      Robert Lillard Incorporated

Independent Consultant – Sr.Visual Basic/Web/.Net Developer

Network Associates/McAfee.com - Sr. Web/.Net Developer

Designed and implemented migration strategy for upgrading existing McAfee web farm applications to ASP.Net using ADO.Net and SQL-Server 2000. Created new beta.mcafee.com site using ASP.Net, ADO.Net, VB.Net. Programmed Data Access Layer components using various VB.Net class libraries that accessed several different SQL-Server 2000 databases. Used ASP.Net and ADO.Net to create a Campaign implementation tool for automating marketing link creation for numerous McAfee affiliates and partners. Used Visual Studio 6.0 to implement security enhancements to numerous E-Commerce websites to solidify code that could be subject to SQL Injection and Cross-Site scripting errors. Created and configured a new IIS5 website for the Australian market (au.mcafee.com).


Cynthia Money and Assc., LLC - Sr. Web/.Net Developer                                                                               

Used ASP.Net and ADO.Net to develop CHAT - the Client History And Trends program. CHAT is an Intranet application that allows client purchase history to be input and analyzed though a series of dynamic, criteria-driven Web pages that utilized an assortment of Web Controls including DropDownLists, bound DataGrids, and Calendar Controls. ADO.Net components including SqlDataAdapters, DataSets, and DataViews were used to interact with XML data retrieved from a SQLServer2000 database running on a Windows2000 Server. Used Crystal Web Reports to display filtered report data.


ChevronTexaco - Sr. Web Developer

Modified and enhanced the existing Management Profiles System (MPS) using Visual Studio 6.0, ADO, and ASP. Implemented server-side ASPQMail objects and functionality to auto-notify management of proposed changes. Used ASP and SQL Server 2000 to create an error logging and reporting system for tracking and debugging errors occurring within the application. Used Crystal Reports to create and modify existing reports, related criteria collection pages, and filters.


Charles Schwab - Sr. Web Developer/Technical Lead

Designed 3 different multi-tier Intranet applications for the Retail MIS department. The first was a Branch Incentive Fee Adjustment system that allowed management to make adjustments to asset numbers that affect Incentive Bonuses. The next system was a MIS Project Request system that allowed users in the Retail group to formally request custom Intranet applications. The last project was the SPCARES system that allows users to add and edit SPC (Schwab Personal Client) accounts for a household. The front end was developed using Visual Interdev and MS Frontpage implementing VB Script and ASP for server-side code; and Java Script and DHTML for client-side data validation and error handling. Project data was stored in SQL Server 2000 and Oracle 8.1.7 databases. Used the DTS Wizard to import data form various sources. Data was marshaled using a combination of ADO objects and XML DOM documents. DOM documents were parsed for display using XML Pattern Matching. Remote Scripting was used for reading and writing to the databases without the need for submitting forms and creating unnecessary network traffic. Visual Basic 6.0 was used to develop MTS and COM compliant business layer and data layer objects. Also, provided mentoring/technical support to junior level developers. Provided code and technique reviews to strengthen overall group skill-set in areas of DHTML, JavaScript, VBScript, XML, and object oriented, multi-tier concepts of development. Orchestrated user/team meetings to solidify user requirements, process flows and database design. Oversaw all phases of the projects including requirements gathering, man-hour projections, project milestone definitions, coding, testing, debugging, implementation, and documentation.


ChevronTexaco - Sr. Web Developer

Worked on two major projects for ChevronTexaco. The first was a legal expense tracking and reporting system (LETARS). The second, a project named Publisher, was a web-based file system for organizing and sharing documents, which essentially acted as a document organizer, work process tool, and management information system all rolled into one. Used ADO and Visual Basic 6.0 to develop MTS and COM compliant business layer and data layer objects, which interfaced with an Oracle 8.1.6 database. Converted Oracle data to XML documents that were displayed using pattern matching. Some were displayed using the Document Object Model (DOM) and ASP - others were rendered using XSL templates. The front end was developed using Visual Interdev and MS Frontpage implementing VB Script and ASP for server-side code and Java Script and DHTML for client-side data validation and error handling. Used MTS to register and administer package components. Provided full life cycle development including project spec design, business and process flow analysis, technical design documentation, screen and related graphics design, coding, debugging, testing, implementation, and project documentation.


Zomax Inc. - Sr. Web Developer

Designed, developed, and implemented multi-tier E-Commerce web solutions for Sony, Compaq, HP, and BabyGenius using MS Visual Interdev 6.0, ASP, ADO, COM, HTML, JavaScript, and VBScript. Collected cart information, billing and shipping information, credit card info and stored data in a cluster of SQL Server 7 databases balanced and replicated throughout the web farm. Provided full life-cycle services from process flow analysis, web design, database and ERD design, COM object design, graphics design, coding, testing, debugging, and implementation. Used Paintshop Pro 6 to create rich web graphics to provide a crisp, professional look and feel. Used Visual Basic 6.0 to develop reusable COM components to shift processing to the middle tier and facilitate RAD (Rapid Application Development) in subsequent projects. Used 3rd party objects from credit card validation and approvals. Provided technical direction for junior level developers.


MobileFORCE - Sr. Software Engineer/Web Developer

MobileFORCE provides cable company resource management software for Cable TV providers across the country. I used Visual Basic 6 to create middle tier DLLs and object oriented software simulators to test software products. Developed custom ActiveX controls for reuse in multiple applications. Used Visual Studio, ASP, XML, and XSL to create Web versions of existing simulators, which centralized distribution, installation, and support for Inter and Intranet users. I used Paintshop Pro 6 to create robust Web graphics, logos, and controls.

4/1999 to 3/2000        Bank Of America

Sr. Software Engineer 

Participated on a large-scale object-oriented project for Bank of America. BofA recently merged with Nations Bank, which gave rise to a need to access Consumer Loan information from both bank databases. Used VB6 to create COM compliant ActiveX Dlls, which interface with MQ messages from various mainframes. An ADO object was created to give developers with different demands, a set of standardized interfaces to access a SQL-Server 7 database. Used DTS packages to import data sent by managers in MDB format. Used Microsoft Management Console to administer the database and dlls via SQL-Server Enterprise Manager and MTS, respectively. A series of complex user-definable reports were also created using Crystal Reports 7.

11/1998 to 4/1999      Lockheed Martin Corp.

Sr. Software Engineer

Created an object-oriented automated messaging system for Lockheed Martin Corp. The system was used to create and respond to messages from engineers that are responsible for the disassembly and re-assembly of nuclear weapons around the world. Used VB6 to develop a message generator for use in the field by technicians. The messages generated are automatically emailed to a user-defined distribution list. The messages are parsed into their respective parts and stored/retrieved through an ADO interface in conjunction with a SQL-Server 6.5 database. This data is disseminated and presented in a series of user-definable reports, which were developed using Crystal Reports 7 .

5/1998 to 11/1998      Terrace Consulting

Web Developer

Developed a 3-tier E-Commerce web site for Comac International. Used VB6 to develop COM compliant Dlls that were instantiated through the use of Active Server Pages. These components were registered in MS-Transaction Server 2.0 and used to enforce the business rules and functionality, which made up the middle tier. SQL-Server 6.5 was used on the data server to store customer order information. I used Paintshop Pro 6 to design and create all the graphics, buttons, and logos used on the client front end. MS-Frontpage was used to design and develop the user interface.

2/1997 to 5/1998        StellcomTechnologies / InnovaSystems

Sr. Software Engineer/Web Developer         

Worked with 12 people on large scale Object Oriented, Client/Server military application for the U.S. Navy – the Tycom Readiness Management System. Used Visual Basic 5.0 to develop the Casualty Report messaging system. Access and MS SQL Server were used as database engines Used Crystal Reports 5.0 to develop a complex reporting system for the process of data validation and exception reporting. Used Visual Interdev/FrontPage, ASP, and VB Script to develop an on-line analysis system making real time “readiness” information available to authorized military personnel around the world.

1/1996 to 1/1997        Anteon Professional Services

Sr. Application Developer/Technical Lead

Used Visual Basic 4.0 accompanied by several third party add-ins to create the Automated Receipt Control System for the Department of the Navy, Fleet Industrial Supply Center - San Diego. Designed the application to interface with their Oracle7 and Cold Fusion databases. Provided pre-design documentation and planning, performed requirements analysis, relational database design and ERDs. Was the Team Technical Lead for the Application Development Group.

5/1995 to 1/1996        Callaway Golf

Database/Application Developer

Used MS-Access to design, develop, and implement a business information system for the tracking of multi-departmental documents. Created detailed pre-development documentation for the Process and System Flow Diagrams, Entity Relationships Diagrams, database design, and initial screen design.


Special Qualifications:
Hardware: IBM-PC and compatibles
Software: ASP.Net, C#.Net, ADO.Net, Visual Basic, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access, DTS, Visual Studio, JavaScript, VBScript, XML, XSL, ADO, ASP, MS-Transaction Server, FrontPage, HTML, DHTML, Paintshop Pro, Crystal Reports, Windows 95 / 98 / NT / 2000.


Additional Training:   ASP.Net - AppDev, C#.Net - AppDev 


Professional/ Personal References:  Available upon request


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